Wildlife in India

Wildlife in India

The wildlife tourism has a great significance to developing countries. It is growing up every year at a faster pace. The tourists and travellers from foreign countries arrive in this country in large numbers. At present 6.5 million tourists arrive in Indian cities from the Western and South East Asian countries. Most of the tourists arrive at Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Bangalore airports. Besides this, the local airports are receiving the foreign tourists at the larger numbers.

The tourists who arrive in India, a large numbers of them come to see wildlife and natural areas. This number can be increased up to 10 million tourists every year. A great emphasis should be given on the development of infrastructure and proper management of wildlife.

There should be some good stay points near the wildlife sanctuaries as these things are important to international tourists. Such stay points are in South Africa. The National Kruger Park in South Africa is the best example of Wildlife Park in the world. Nearly 4 million tourists arrive to see this park every year.

All the big animals with large population are found there. The foreign nationals find that park full of recreation. There are some stay points near the park and the tourists enjoy food, refreshments and various types of drinks.

In India, Rajaji National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, the Great Himalayan National Park, Kullu, Nanda Devi National Park, Western Himalayan Nature Park, Kufri Shimla, Western Himalayan Wild Bird Sanctuary, Sarahan (HP), Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Kanha National Park, Ranthambhour National Park, The Wildlife Parks in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are of great bio-diversical importance. These can be turned into tourist’s paradise. All these parks should be equipped with tourists interested in modern amenities.

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